The Power of the Gospel - Jake Stimpson - Apr. 3, 2016
After uprooting with their four children (now five, with number six on the way) and relocating to Bucharest, Romania four years ago, Jake and Jessie Stimpson have seen how Jesus can use willing vessels to change lives!  

Resurrection Day - Derek Miller - Mar. 27, 2016
The simple fact of the resurrection is what changes everything!

Palm Sunday - Derek Miller - Mar. 20, 2016
Jesus, on a donkey - and all the political powers were shaken!

The Call of God - Derek Miller - Jan. 17, 2016
All are called to follow Jesus.  Many are called to a life of service.  Will you recognize His call?

How to Rely on God - Derek Miller - Jan. 10, 2016
Go from the concept to the reality!

Encountering Jesus - Moments of Clarity - Derek Miller - Jan. 3, 2016
He is immediately near to anyone who turns their whole heart to Him - but are we too busy and distracted to notice?

Seed of Hope - Derek Miller - Dec. 27, 2015
The one who trusts in the Lord has good cause for a bright hope!

Small Seed of a Great Kingdom - Derek Miller - Dec. 20, 2015
Never underestimate the seemingly small things that the Lord does!  One baby born is seeming obscurity brought life to the world!

The Greatest of All Miracles - Derek Miller - Dec. 13, 2015
There are many great miracles, but none compare to the miracle of a redeemed and transformed human heart!

The Prince of Peace - Derek Miller - Dec. 6, 2015
Jesus is the true Prince of Peace, and He teaches us how to bring true peace in a world filled with violence and fear

Church Update - Derek Miller - Nov. 29, 2015
Progress is being made, and plans are coming together for our rebuild!  God is faithful!

Reaching Forward - Michael Fisher - Nov. 22, 2015
A challenge to focus, not on what was lost, but on what we are called to be and to do!  

From The Ashes - Derek Miller - Nov. 15, 2015
Reflections on the changes that have occurred, and the changes that are coming, as a result of the loss by fire of our historic and beautiful church home

A Reason for Hope - The New Covenant, Conclusion - Derek Miller - Nov. 8, 2015
The culmination of a 12-week series on understanding the Biblical covenants, and the history of the way God has provided for us to know Him